Tax Records to Bring Pages

We will need the following information from all the clients. If you are a new client, in addition to the following documents, please provide copies of your previous three years (or at least last year's) tax returns.

Preparing for Your Phoenix/Mesa office Tax Service Meeting.

When you visit your Phoenix or Mesa office tax service, it's important that you be prepared with all the documents and information that you can provide. After all, the more information you give us, the better and more accurate job we can do for you. The reason you're using a tax preparation service in the first place is that you want your taxes done the right way, and you want them to be done right the first time. Here is a list of information that everyone who visits our office to have their taxes done should bring:

  • W-2s
  • 1099s
  • Form 1098-Mortgage information
  • Form 6419 for advance Child tax credit received in 2021
  • Letter 6475 for third stimulus payments
  • Evidence of other income such as foreign earned income, unemployment income, prizes, gambling winnings, etc.
  • Rental income and expenses, if applicable. Use FacTs rental property performa for income and expense reporting.
  • Self Employed Income and Expenses, if applicable. Use FacTs tax Return Sch. C preparation performa from above to report income and expenses.
  • Reporting of Foreign Bank accounts, Foreign Securities accounts, Foreign Trusts etc...(If applicable)
  • Virtual Currency transactions, if any.
  • Did you receive any Inheritance from a foreign person? If yes, You need to report it.

If you are submitting your documents online- either using cloud cabinet or through email, please make sure to upload Tax Organizer, Healthcare Insurance & Schedule B Information regarding foreign bank account, securities account, foreign trust, if applicable and Signed Engagement Letter.

Tax preparation services are all about being thorough and accurate. We will do our utmost to ask you all the questions needed to ascertain your tax status and liability, but there are many items that people don't think of as relevant to their tax situation and thus don't bring them to their meetings with their tax professionals. If your tax preparer doesn't know about an item of income, something that might be deductible, or things such as tax-deductible expenses that reduce your tax liability, you could wind up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra taxes. Remember, though your tax professional is highly experienced, he doesn't know everything about you and can't read your mind. Help us help you by bringing every personal and business record you have that relates or might relate to your income and tax liability. Here are some items that if they apply to you, you will definitely need to bring documents supporting the following:

Got it All?

  • Refinances- Settlement Statements
  • Child care expenses-you will need to provide name, address, phone number and Tax ID# of providers.
  • Estimated Tax Payments
  • Sales of Property
  • Student Loans- Interest Paid
  • College Tuition
  • Sales of stocks- Original purchase price as well as sale price
  • Business records
  • Contributions - HRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 529 Plans.
  • Sales Tax payments (new laws apply)
  • Employer reimbursements
  • Partnership information
  • Social Security benefits received
  • For self employed Individuals - Health Insurance payments if any.
  • Teachers - Any out of pocket unreimbursed expenses for school supplies.